Sugar Wholesalers

Sugar Wholesalers


Champion Foods is one of the food distribution industry’s top wholesale sugar suppliers. Located in New Orleans, Champion Foods services a range of national and international customers, which include industrial manufacturers, retail grocery, hotels, and cruise lines. Family owned and operating for over 25 years, Champion Foods has supplied bulk sugar for some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. Renowned for their superior reputation, Champion Foods offers sugar in various sizes along with packaging choices of their label or a private label, making their product customizable for your business.


What is a Sugar Wholesaler


Purchasing sugar in bulk quantities from a wholesaler results in saving businesses time and money through the low costs of buying sugar at a bulk rate. Wholesalers work to keep a business’ supply of sugar inventory stocked, preventing a consequential unavailability, whether it be for individual purchase or restaurant operations. Product variety is also available through a distributor, as Champion Foods is able to offer sugar in multiple forms that include the following: granulated, confectioners, dark and light brown sugar, sugar cubes and Kosher certified.


Why Champion Foods


Champion Foods is an experienced sugar distributor that operates with a vertically integrated system, harvesting sugarcane directly from farmers to our distribution centers to our customers. This system ensures Champion Foods has the best quality and freshest sugar, sourcing directly from famers in Mexico and Brazil, producers of the world’s highest rated sugar. With our delivery service and multiple distribution centers, Champion Foods is able to ship high quality bulk sugar straight to the customer in any location, saving business’ costly product acquisition time.


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Champion Foods prides themselves on being a superior sugar wholesaler with the objective of exceeding expectations and providing customers with exceptional service and sustainable products. We provide a variety of Mexican and Brazilian sugar options and can work to accommodate your business needs. If you have questions how Champion Foods sugar distribution can help your company, contact us.