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Food Service Brokers


Champion Foods is a full service food distributor that can provide reliable support for your business. Wholesale manufacturers often use food service brokers as a replacement or supplement to their in-house sales team. Utilizing this service can provide invaluable advantages for your company that include saving money and time, which can lead to increased opportunities.  


Benefits We Offer


Our brokers bring the skill and expertise of knowing their business to their customers. Often performing a consumer analysis, the broker will work to supply recommendations to a company on which products would do well in their location. This translates to a store maintaining a solid inventory level of desirable products, which increases the amount of sales. They also have the ability to test in the market, while obtaining quick product feedback that allows a company a greater understanding of their products before committing it to their inventory mix along with the product’s pricing and packaging.

In specific regions, it can often be more cost efficient to pay brokers to manage sales in a territory than to pay the costs of full time sales representatives and cover the additional cost of sales managers to manage their representatives. The use of brokers in the food service industry has shown to be extremely effective in some geographic regions where there aren’t enough customers for a full time sales representative, but an elevated level of the service is still desired.


What We Can Do


Champion Foods works with high quality manufacturers and offers compelling products and packaging to elevate businesses. Champion Foods services help determine a company’s target customers and the company’s largest customers and then works to develop an activity plan that will help the company achieve their goals. Once the target customer is identified, we work to employ a marketing strategy to successfully promote a product, enabling those customers to find the items they are looking for more easily within a specific region.


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Highly successful food distributors, such as, Champion Foods, are an intelligent business solution that are proven to save company’s time, money, and increase sales through a combination of strategy, planning, efficiency, and promotion that provides proven results. If you have questions about how Champion Foods can help your business, contact us today to learn more.